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Office Of General Counsel

VII. Signature/Execution of Contracts

Only an authorized official may sign/execute a contract on behalf of the University. The President must sign certain types of contracts and may sign any other type of contract for the on-going operations of the University. All other contracts may only be signed by University administrators who have authority delegates directly from the President or properly sub-delegated to another.

A contract signed/executed by any employee without appropriate review or exemption under this policy is not binding on the University and may subject the individual who signed without authority to personal liability. Any University official who signs a contract upon review and approval certifies that to the best of his or her knowledge the contract has been appropriately reviewed and is consistent with the University's mission and priorities and is not in conflict with the needs, mission, or priorities of any other division within the University. By signing a duly approved contract, the authorized University official obligates the University to the contract's terms.


Scope of Legal Review

All contracts, except for those that are exempt or pre-approved, require approval as to the legal terms from the Office of General Counsel (OGC) prior to execution. If the contact person has conducted an initial review of the contract, made changes but still requires assistance before officially initiating the formal contract review process, the OGC is available to assist in revisions or additions to the contract.

After the contract review process has been initiated and the contract has been circulated to all required reviewed via the contract approval and routing form, the OGC will review and edit the draft for legal compliance. If necessary, the OGC will become involved in negotiating or discussing edits with third parties when requested or when necessary. Once the contract is approved by the OGC and executed by the appropriate University official, it will be sent to the contract initiator.