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Office Of General Counsel

V. Contracts Exempt from Legal Review

The following types of contracts are currently exempt from legal review:

a. Routine orders, bills of sale, invoices, and solicitations governed by the State Purchasing Act. These matters are handled by the University Purchasing Department.

b. Pre-approved or standardized university contract templates, such as:

  • Performance, Artist and Speaker Contracts;
  • Facilities Use Contracts;
  • Student/Faculty Housing Contracts;
  • Releases/Waivers;
  • certain Affiliation Agreements;

c. Employment and reappointment contracts

d. Affiliated Entities, such as the CSU Foundation, Foundation Properties, Inc., and the CSU Alumni Association, are legally distinct organizations not controlled by the University. Although not specifically subject to this Policy, contracts entered into by affiliated entities that obligate the use of University resources should be received under the terms of this policy.

Substantive modifications or amendments to the contracts identified above without review and approval by the Office of General Counsel are not permitted.