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Office Of General Counsel

Contract Submissions (Live!)

Online Contract Approval and Routing Form

Welcome to Columbus State University's online submission portal!

The Office of General Counsel, in concert with the University Information and Technology Services Department, developed this online process in order to make contract submissions seamless, straightforward and intuitive. Some of the benefits are, as follows:

  • Individualized design - the online submission form was designed to be consistent with the university's procurement and contract review guidelines.
  • Automated workflows - tired of schlepping your contract to multiple reviewers in multiple locations around campus? Just make sure you input the correct information, answer all the questions accurately and the contract will be routed automatically to required reviewers.
  • Email Notifications - different types of contracts require different types of reviewers. As part of the automated workflow process, required reviewers will receive notifications via email that a contract requires their review and approval. That email will contain all the information input by the person who initiated the contract(s) to the contract documents.
  • Real-time Data - haven't received your contract and don't know what's holding it up. Call us and we'll let you know exactly where the contract is in the approval process.

Even with this new and improved methodology, contracts will still need time to get approved (particularly if the contract needs to be edited by the OGC and the proposed changes approved by the contractor); nevertheless, the contract approval cycle should prove to be shorter in duration and much more efficient, allowing all of us to devote time and energy to other endeavors.

For general questions about the contract approval and routing process, please refer to the Contract Approval Policy which can be found on the OGC's home page. It contains all the details that govern the contract approval process, such as what constitutes a contract, who is authorized to sign a contract, which departments must review contracts, and why Georgia law prohibits certain provisions from being included in contracts executed on the university's behalf.